Resemin Muki LHP
Production Long-Hole Jumbo for Narrow Veins

The MUKI LHP is an electro-hydraulic rig for long hole drilling, it has tilt, rotation and pendulum arm, perform precise and smooth movements for parallel holding.

Long hole drilling feed 2500 series with 2 Stingers and hydraulic clamp. Equipped with Montabert drifter HC 50 (13 kW).

Full 360°, horizontal coverage with parallel holding is 1.44 m; maximum length of drilling up to 15m, diameters up to 74 mm bit, Reamer 127 mm.

Chassis for heavy duty application, articulated 4WD, self-propelled with diesel, electro hydraulicsystem for drilling.


  • Sub Level Caving, benching
  • Sub Level Stoping
  • VCR and cable bolting