Resemin Raptor 55 XP
Production Long-Hole Jumbo for Medium Sections

The RAPTOR 55 XP is an electro-hydraulic rig for long hole drilling, It has an hydraulic boom, 5APC model, with parallel holding. Use a Montabert Drifter HC 95 with 22 kW and Back -Hammeringrods extractor, the most modern rock drill in the market.

It comes equipped with the BARYCENTRE system to synchronize automatically the drilling and rotation axes; this system facilitates the drilling of radial and parallel holes with reduced times for positioning. The 8000 series feed beam with 3 Stingers provide the best stability to reduce the deviation. Includes Magazine for 14 rods, optional 21 rods.

Full 360°, horizontal coverage with parallel holding is 3.60 m; maximum length of drilling up to 30m, diameters up to 102 mm bit, Reamer 127 mm.

Chassis for heavy duty application, articulated 4WD, self-propelled with diesel, electro hydraulic system for drilling.


  • Sub level and benching.
  • Block Caving.
  • VCR and Cable Bolting application.