Welding & Fabrication  

Gladiator Equipment Inc. has a full complement of welders and fabricators on our staff that are available here at our main shop facility in Leduc, Alberta. Our welders and fabricators can also be made available on your job site, utilizing our mobile fully equipped welding trucks. In the event you simply require our welders and fabricators and you want our technicians to utilize your welding equipment, we can make that happen.

We also offer comprehensive engineering services whereby we can have our engineer travel to your site to design and or provide recommendations on your specific project.

Our welding staff are among the absolute best in the industry. Gladiator Equipment Inc’s welders and fabricators have manufactured and built everything from completely remanufactured Scooptrams, Utility Trucks, ROPS/FOPS Canopies, Pipelayer Booms, Tanks, Man Baskets, Large Shovel Buckets, etc.

Our professional team of fabricators have experience working in the Canadian Oil Sands, as well as the high Arctic on a host of different and very complex projects. All of our welders are licensed and come with the various certifications for the tasks at hand.

Our welders have extensive experience at rebuilding and repairing large shovel buckets commonly used in the Canadian Oil Sands. These bucket repairs include all the build up and lineboring that is required. We also utilize cooper heat as required on any project where it is deemed necessary by our engineers.

For all your welding and fabricating requirements, call the professionals at Gladiator Equipment Inc.