Contract Labour

Gladiator Equipment Inc. can provide safe, fast and efficient solutions for your technical personnel requirements. We provide highly skilled licenced tradespeople that can be made available on your job site for both short or long term contracts.  All of our personnel will be made available with all the safety and training credentials that may be necessary for your specific requirement.  Gladiator Equipment Inc. can further provide specialized equipment and tooling such as fully equipped service trucks as well as items such as hydraulic torque multipliers, cooper heat, fork lifts, aerial platforms, front end loaders etc.

Gladiator Equipment Inc. has a long and successful history of providing labour solutions for both short and long term scenarios. We have previously provided highly skilled personnel to our many valued clients involved in sectors such as Canadian oil sands, open pit mining, pipeline, heavy construction &  road building as well as industrial plant maintenance, to name a few. Some of the trades we typically provide include heavy equipment mechanics, welder fabricators, industrial electricians, millwrights, heavy equipment operators and portable line bore technicians.

For fast, accurate, cost effective solutions call the professionals at Gladiator Equipment Inc.