Our safety program


The management of Gladiator Equipment Inc. is committed to providing active leadership and support in order to develop and maintain the health and safety of each employee of this company.

The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illness is of such consequence that it will be given priority over operating productivity at all times. We are committed to provide all mechanical and physical safeguards as required for continued personal health and safety, in keeping with the highest occupational standards.

We will continue to build and maintain a health and safety program conforming to the best practices of organizations of our size. To be successful, such a program must start with proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of management, supervisors and employees. It also requires cooperation on all health and safety matters, not only between management and employees, but also between each employee and his or her co-workers. Only though cooperative effort can a safety program for all employees be established and preserved in everyone’s best interest.

For more specific information pertaining to our full and comprehensive safety program, please contact our Safety department.

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Program Details

Our objective is a health and safety program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to the absolute minimum, aiming for zero, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the best experience of operations similar to ours.
Our Health and Safety program will involve:

  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards
  • Training of employees in good health and safety practices
  • Ensuring all employees know of the required safety procedures
  • Providing the required Personal Protective Equipment and instructions for use and care.
  • Developing and enforcing health and safety rules, and requiring that employees cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment
  • Investigating all accidents, incidents, injuries and near misses to identify the causes and corrective action measures in place

We recognize that the responsibilities for Health and Safety are shared:

  • The employer accepts the responsibility of leadership for the health and safety program, for its effectiveness and improvement
  • Supervisors are knowingly responsible for developing the proper attitudes towards health and safety in themselves and those they supervise. They shall ensure that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the health and safety of those involved
  • Employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine cooperation with all aspects of the health and safety program, including compliance with all rules and regulations, and for continual practice of safety while performing their duties.


The safest risk is the one you didn’t take!

Gladiator Equipment Inc. is proud be a member in good standing with the following safety affiliations: